8 Ways to Engage Customers on Instagram

Instagram is the essence of Social Media where users share their views, whereabouts, etc with their followers and the public. It’s the best way to make connections with the audience. Whether you are a Youtuber, a fitness enthusiast, or a digital marketer, by targeting the right audience you can sell, promote and do business with others just like you.

For a beginner, you have to focus on just one channel for which Instagram should be your elite choice. You have to keep in mind that the audience you’re targeting is not distorted. Be radical about your content and keep interacting with them. Your intent should be meticulous and accurate so that you can convey it in the right way to your customers.


Use of Business tools

Instagram provides a variety of business tools that are compatible with both, iOS and Android. These tools have features like adding contact information, promoting posts from within Instagram, having discernment about your posts and followers, and even shopping.

You can use these tools to promote your products and services to the customers and engage with them. Some of these tools are Crowdfire, Layout, Iconosquare, etc.

ways to engage customers on Instagram in 2023 – Latest Tactics

Superb Bio

For engaging customers, you have to write a congenial bio that will enhance your interest and admiration towards the products or services you are providing. The second thing people see after your profile picture is your bio, so you have to be loud and clear about the things you do.

For instance, a bio of a fitness enthusiast should look like this

Be Professional

In order to engage your customers, you have to talk and walk like you are a professional, but on Instagram, you can do more advancement. You can set your profile picture to encourage your business.

You can post regularly about your product or service so that the public can see your seriousness and be attracted to the things you post.

Be Consistent

Being uniform on Instagram will engage your followers. They will see how significant it is for you to post and advertise the product you want to provide or the service you want them to relish.

Posting engaging posts, videos, and stories will occupy your audience and you’ll be able to have a hold on those who are interested.

Interact with your audience

Being a responsive Instagrammer will take you to heights you didn’t think were possible. Instagram is not just about advertising your product and posting stories, you have to be receptive.

Customers may like your service and appreciate them by messaging you or by comments and you should reply to the relevant ones.

Know your message

It’s really important to be clear about what you want to advertise or post because if you have doubts, customers won’t even bother to ask.

You should be apparent and precise about the message you want to deliver so that your customers can easily understand your message and respond effectively.

Sharing Videos

Posting videos about your product is a great way to engage your customers. Videos can be timed according to precision. For instance, the Video to post- should be short and definite, and of 1-1.5 minutes.

Live videos- You can go live and share your thoughts and processes about the services you provide, it should not be more than 1 hour.

IGTV videos- In this, you can show a sample of your product and can unbox it so that your customers can understand it properly, it could be for 1 hour.

Solve queries

Your customers might have questions about the product or services you are offering so they may ask you in the comment section or can personally message you. You must answer their queries so that you can engage them to buy a product or hire a service.


Nothing attracts more than a good picture and a clear message. To engage your customers on Instagram you have you be plain and precise about your message. Responding to your customers is the most you can do to help them to understand your product or service. You should not have a mindset in which you just post and advertise your products or services and think people will be attracted and interested. Instead, you have to interact and listen to them to sell your product.

Your impression should be good enough to engage your customers and for this, you have to show them your seriousness about advertising and selling in your profile picture, bio, and stories you post.

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