SEO Best Practices: 13 Tips to Boost Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the top-most priority when you consider customers’ preferences first. A lot of people thrive with UGC (User Generated content) nowadays. Before diving into the advanced practices for boosting organic traffic, one must not forget its foundation. For the reason that you must know these SEO Best Practices: 13 tips to boost organic traffic.

Foundation is yet another word to describe what is necessary. After all, the basics are the key. Although it is easy to put on paid efforts rather than actual efforts. In some cases, the paid traffic does surpass the organic one. However, if you genuinely want the appreciation towards your brand and website, you need more originality.

SEO Best Practices: 13 tips to boost the organic traffic on your site

Once you start paying more attention to organic methods, your paid efforts will become less. Now let’s see the best SEO practices and 13 tips to boost the organic traffic on your site.

1. Write unique and optimized content

The basis thing to generate or boost organic traffic is to give people what they want to read. Writing compelling content helps in boosting traffic and gives visibility to your site.

You will welcome more organic traffic when your content is original and user-friendly. People share such materials that get to them and to which they can relate. Also, if you give your audience the very thing for which they came to your website, you become reachable and reliable. Thus, unique and SEO-optimized content helps in reaching the target audience more effectively.

2. Let the keyword find a topic itself

As a user, we only write the relevant issue or a learning word we want to know about. When we search for it on a browser, there come various topics. Therefore, you only need to search the word, and several “How to,” “Learn to,” “buy from,” will come your way.

By matching the topic to the relevance of your site, you can use them with targeted keywords to your advantage. Hence, merely by searching for the keywords, you can get dozens of ideas for page creation or blog-writing.

3. Performing SERP analysis to match the intent

Generally, users are clear about their intent for what they search. Although the true intent might not be clear sometimes. Most of the time, it is whether to learn or to buy.

You need to direct the users according to their intent. For example, if one searches for “party-wear dresses,” their intent is to buy. It is very rare to none chances that they are looking for a blog on the types of party-wear dresses.

Similarly, suppose a user searches for “benefits of buying an oven.” Now the intent to learn the benefits surpass the very thought of buying one. In other words, that person first needs to know what he/she can bake or cook with an oven. Therefore, they are in search of a blog post. Furthermore, in that blog, you may provide a link to buy an oven.

4. Improve internal linking

In the above tip to boost organic traffic, the example of the oven is also an instance for internal linking. As a site owner or a client of a site owner, you must know what page to link with which site or page.

You can give domain referrals on the home page. You must organize your pages in such a manner so that it is easy for users to see your site. You can do a lot of creativity with tons of categories and still keep it simple for the audience.

In the above example, a blog post about the benefits of the oven is nothing but a page on your site. Within it, there is an internal link to buy an oven.

5. Link building

It is no brainer that link building is one of the 13 tips to boost organic traffic. Once you create genuine content that is original and SEO-friendly, it is time to build backlinks.

With mere content, you can make it everlasting. Therefore, your content will be relevant and readable year after year. You can always make some minor adjustments to keep it fresh and relatable.

Skyscraper technique and broken link technique will help you in gaining the trust of various sites and several targeted audiences.

6. Optimize titles and URLs

On-page SEO plays an important role in boosting organic traffic. The first thing a user sees about you without even opening your site is how you present it on the browser. Titles, headings, and URLs are significant in getting users’ attention.

It is best to start your title tag with your primary keyword to do better in CTR and rankings. A digital marketing agency can help you in creating an SEO-friendly page.

7. Maintain a structure throughout your content

In the world of creativity and talent, your content demands a definitive structure. The way you present your content is nothing but a personality factor. Therefore, you must see to create proper heading with different sizes to show emphasis.

Heading also helps in optimizing featured snippets. They can make your site number one without putting conventional efforts.

8. Maintain readable URLs

You need to keep the URLs short and clearly expressed to keep users’ attention intact. If your website has a brief and to-the-point URL, then you are already winning in the race to boost organic traffic.

9. Image optimization

If you are one of those websites who believe in providing a readable and unique content, then maybe you are only one step away from perfection. Audiences relate to the images first and see their relevance. After that, they go on reading the content.

So, if you provide relevant images to users’ searches and your material, then you can gain their trust. Hence, your site becomes a reliable website. It is no doubt that the quality of the image matters the most after the relevance factor.

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10. Website Speed

In this high-speed world where every learning tip or online purchase completion is only seconds away. You don’t want your site to be slow. The user experience already lowers if your site is loading slowly, and so does their expectations. Eventually, they click back and move on to another site.

Now you don’t want that, do you? Therefore, making your site perform well with the faster loading speed and quick page transfer is another tip to boost organic traffic.

11. Mobile Responsive Site

Nowadays, most of the people rely on smartphones for almost everything. From finding a job to paying a bill, from interacting with friends to giving online interviews, a smartphone is now a smart friend. If your site is mobile-friendly, it means your target audience can access it from anywhere anytime.

Therefore, it is a smart tip for boosting organic traffic to make your site phone-friendly. It helps people in sharing your site, its products, and services, its blogs, etc to their friends and potential target audience. A website designing company can help you with that.

12. Be tactical about page content

You do not want to give away a potential blog content on a particular page. It is advisable to write a built-up content on the page so that the audience will be eager to read more. After that, you can give the link of the blog in that page category.

With this, you can boost the organic traffic as your target audience will know about that certain category. Also, they will be interested in reading the blog post.

13. Constant up-gradation

It is very important to keep up with this fast-moving world. You do not want your site to be old new. Hence, keep on updating your blogs and try to stay with the trend.

Also, you need to make your product description as simple and fundamental to its basic nature. Otherwise, all your target audience will read is different adjectives without having the slightest idea of actual benefits.


These are the 13 tips to boost the organic traffic on your site. With these best SEO practices, you can build optimal links, be updated, and become a prospect substitute for your competition. These fundamental methods are enough for you to reach your goals of increased sales and high-audience engagement.


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