Ultimate SEO Techniques for Beginners

Being a new blogger is as concerning as it is exciting. You put all your heart and soul in writing the content of your choice, put all those images that suits your content and still don’t get the expected traffic. This is very important to know about latest seo techniques in 2023.

“Traffic”, this is the absolute word that defines how successful your blog is. Not everybody gets their desired traffic no matter how good your content is or how precise your pictures are.


There are so many things you can do to increase traffic. You can write the perfect heading, you can add the most accurate image. But, come on people this is 2020.

There are so many bloggers like you who are on your level and you cannot win the war by sticking to the basics. Users appreciate uniqueness. They demand quality.

Take this blog as your guiding light in ruling being a beginner.

What is basic and what everybody is doing with Seo techniques

Yes, basics are important and just like every other subject use the basics to solve a bigger problem. In your case, do the basics but be extraordinary and take them to another level; a bigger one.

 Choosing the perfect heading is becoming more basic than being smart. You can just search for some bigger words and make a line with it. Okay so? Everybody does that. Youtubers do this more often than you can imagine.

One other thing that everybody does is put the most transparent picture that relates to their topic with the help of Google. Paramount search engine to the rescue.

To become an influencer, you need to do more than primitives.

What will make you different with latest SEO techniques

Beginner’s Tip #1 Target the right keywords

Yes, we know this is one the basics but not everybody does this right. Targeting the right keyword and using it the required number of times is a really difficult job.

Tools like Ahrefs and Keyword Tool can really make your job easy by providing you the clarity on how and what specific word to target. They also give you insight on the difficulty level in targeting a particular keyword how voluminous it is.

After getting the right keyword(Seo techniques), you should also look into other keywords relating to it so that you can optimally use them for your benefit. Use the keywords at an appropriate number of times in your blog and it will help you increase the traffic on your site.

Beginner’s Tip #2 Use the right tools

There are so many tools in SEO, but how to choose one for your advantage is tough. The solution is try and select. Examine all the tools whether for keywords, topics or anything. Give them all a try.

Your goal is increasing traffic, then do whatever works. There are various tools online both free and paid. Some of them that can benefit beginners like you are:

  • Rank Math – this will help you with infographics, statistics, and tensors.
  • Semrush – by this you can research keywords and track your competitors’ keyword strategy.
  • Ahrefs – by this you can analyze backlinks and see URL rankings.
  • Yoast – a plugin that optimizes mega tags and other link elements.

This is just the beginning, there are so many more SEO tools that can help you generate traffic.

Beginner’s Tip #3 Quality vs. Quantity

It’s terrifying to see thousands of words on some sites where you only wrote like 500. Especially, when you see those sites on ranking. This can easily demoralize you.

But the catch here is the topic, just put yourself in their place and imagine what would you like, how many words are you ready to read if that was somebody else’s blog. So, the content (words) varies according to the topic.

You have to choose the word count by keeping the topic in mind and your intent into consideration. With the right keyword, your site can rank with fewer words too.

Beginner’s Tip #4 Video Optimization/ YouTube SEO

Everything is better with a video. Just imagine you are googling a “how to do” search, what will soothe you more a long written procedure or an informative YouTube video? Well, of course, a video.

As a beginner, you can create a YouTube channel in which you can explain what is your blog about and your intent. If you think YouTube is too much for your blog, then use Instagram. It provides various features like stories, IGTVs, and also long and multiple video posts.

Aware your friends about your blog and you’ll really see a boost in your site’s traffic.

Beginner’s Tip #5 Capitalize on social media

Let’s vote! What is the percentage of people using social media? No, the answer is not here, how’d we know? Look at your followers.

People spend at least two hours daily on social media (any and all platforms) so why not use it to your advantage. Share your blog with your friends, tell them to share further. Create a particular Instagram page for your site.

Use business tools on Instagram; promote your site every day. Aware people that you do something with your talent. Inspire people on Pinterest.

Beginner’s Tip #6 Page speed

Suppose you are doing some last-minute work and you decided to take the help of Google, but the site is taking like multiple minutes to open. Frustration level=Extreme.

Just imagine if your site took this much time. Sounds like a nightmare, right.

It could happen in real if you don’t take care of minor things. Things like the size of the file can really minimize your page speed. To avoid this, compress the size of your HTML, CMS or JavaScript file to 150 bytes or lower.

Reducing redirects and leveraging browser caches can also help you in maximizing your page speed and make its access faster to your audience.

Beginner’s Tip #7 Mobile responsive

Make your site mobile-friendly. People don’t like those sites that can only be operated through desktops. I’m sure you are also not fond of them either.

Whatever your site is about just make it available on mobiles too. Most of the business these days is done with phone only. Gone are the days where people were bound to laptops and personal computers. Now, people can do deals of millions just in metros with their phones.

People seek convenience. Main point – widen your audience by making your site accessible on their phones.

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