How to Design a Website According to Client

Designing a website is not an easy task, especially, when you have to be concerned about not yours, but also, the needs of your clients.  If we design a website for our clients, they are nothing but our customers and as a service provider, we should be consumer-friendly. Being consumer-friendly means to optimize our resources and do planning according to the clients. The expectations of our client while designing a website should be our first priority.

While dealing with the client, we should clearly ask them their needs from the website; how innovative they want their website to be. Knowledge of their business is the most important thing we should keep in mind in order to design a website for them. The client will obviously want us to prioritize the website so that it can attract a large number of audiences, keeping that in mind, the website should also be engaging to the client. So, that he won’t have any doubts regarding people liking his website.


  • Know your client

This is the most important thing while designing a website for a client, that you should have proper knowledge about his business. This means you should study your client, his needs and wants, his expectations from us and from the website to be designed. Knowing his business is knowing about the products or services he sells or delivers.

If a client deals in both products and services, you should ask him whether he wants his website to be about products, services or both. If it’s about both then you should equally distribute your content (images, layouts, written part) between them accordingly. It could be a downfall for your client’s business if you do not prioritize products and services equally.

  • Knowledge of what client deals in

In the above point, we discussed prioritizing the main thing the client needs a website for. In this, we have to do in-depth of the products or services your client deals in.

For example, if your client is a lawyer and provides such services then you should ask him that what kind of lawyer he is? And he tells you that he is a criminal lawyer.  Accordingly, you can design your website that would specify that your client is a criminal lawyer and is ready to provide his services to the people in need.

Also, in order to design a website for a criminal lawyer, you should have a required amount of knowledge about criminal law so that, you can add proper images and layouts on the website.

  • Image creativity and Layout designing

While designing a website, you should consider a platform which is esteemed to your client. Mean thereby, you should be very particular about the pictures you choose to put on the website. As image is the first thing the customers will see. The images and animations you put on your website should be engaging and interactive.

For example, being a lawyer is a very high profile profession so you should not be using an image of a cartoon carrying a briefcase; instead, using a professional person’s image would actually be nice and would attract a serious audience.

  • Contact

Contacting your client in a timely manner is also an important need when creating a website for him as you can ask for the suggestion that if he wants anything particular to be a part of a page in the website. Sometimes, clients want a particular product or service to be highlighted so that it catches more attention.

Contacting the client will also enhance your image and your passion about your work as you are not bossing around the work you are given but also making sure your work is appreciated.

  • Be proactive

Being proactive means you don’t have to do your work, but you have to be innovative too. Don’t think this like he is just another client, but think of him as The Client. This kind of thinking will help you to be more creative while designing the website and you will generate more positive results.

  • Ask for Feedback

Whatever you do, you should constantly ask for feedback. This will help you collect points which you can improvise and make something better out of good. Asking for feedback is not limited to your client but also, from your fellow mates.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be frequently asking for feedback from your client as this might make them think that you’re not confident of your work and have doubts regarding it.


Satisfied clients lead to constant growth. While designing a website, you should be clear about the message you are conveying, not only with the website you designed but also the kind of service you are providing and can provide in the future. Knowledge about the client’s business and what he deals in is the basic task you should perform in order to design a client-friendly website. You should be driven and innovative about the website you are about to design and should have the ability to attract the targeted audience through it.

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